How do we train?

Advanced diving teaches primarily under the organisation Global Underwater Explorers, This puts us in a different position to most other diving education. Students are taught to their in water ability not to skill requirements and development both in confidence and competence go hand in with skill development. We aim to provide student divers with solid and realistic pathways both in course and following, as we can all improve our skills!

What you should look for in an instructor?

It is advisable that you first make contact with an educator. This will establish a rapport and will give you a better idea of how you work together prior to engaging in training.

Following this you may have found out how active they are? Sadly, many instructors only teach and do not dive outside of classes. Make sure they can offer you the training you wish to access with the right level of personal experience and that they have a passion for what you are trying to achieve within your own diving.

Lastly it is good to ascertain how involved they are in their community? Are they in it to benefit the dive industry or to further their own aspirations? This is probably your best indication as to how your relationship may progress post course and how likely it is that you will be able to use your skills and training after the program finishes.

This is often an overlooked part of diver training and it is critical to your continued enjoyment of the sport. Take the time to find the right instructor and access the training you want to move forward.