GUE Fundamentals in Wellington (October 2018)


In the first week of October, Advanced Diving NZ traveled to New Zealand’s capital to conduct the first part of the GUE fundamentals program.

We had a team of three who were looking to refine their skills and develop good diving habits. All three found value in the class and fed back to us with things like; “ It is great to have so much time to practice staying still.” & “I feel like I am learning how to dive again!”

There was a lot of interest in the more technical challenges that diving can offer and as the class progressed we deviated into proper pragmatic decompression, gas tracking and all sorts of subject areas not necessarily covered in this part of the training. One thing we love about teaching this class is that we can guide the knowledge of people rather than prescriptively teaching the same old material off the slides.

It is fantastic to work in different locations but the reality is that we could not do this without the network of awesome people we have in NZ helping to guide the development of their own teams and greatly assisting me with logistics and support whilst delivering training.


First Rob Wilson who is a passionate GUE diver and friend, Head of Ghost Fishing in NZ he is nurturing many divers and volentarily guiding their development to create a positive and safe environment in what can be tricky conditions.


Next is Serena Cox, Serena is an accomplished diver and instructor who is working closely with us to start the journey towards Instructor with GUE. She is a researcher in the areas of Marine biology and heads up NIWA Wellingtons dive team. Over my time teaching in the south, Serena has facilitated GUE classes to run with fantastic logistics


GUE is not all about the training! Thank you not only to the students but to the wider community of divers and supporting people who make it possible to work on a truly global scale. Once you understand that there is these networks in play, it allows for collaboration and support with like minded teams wherever you go in our underwater world.

We had a great time training in Wellington this month, we look forward to future opportunities to develop the diving communities of this great country and others! We all make GUE what it is!

Russell Hughes