Classes with Auckland Uni Underwater club Winter 2018

Advanced Diving NZ is offering two class dates for winter 2018 with AUUC. Please follow the link below or get in touch to get further information.

The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to cultivate the essential skills required by all sound diving practice. Included among its course outcomes are: to provide the recreational diver, who does not desire further diver training, with an opportunity to advance his/her basic diving skills; to train divers in the theory and practice of Nitrox; to provide divers with aspirations for more advanced diver training with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success; and to provide non-GUE trained divers with a gateway into GUE training.


The GUE Fundamentals course is renowned for being one of the best investments you can make in your own diving! No other diving course focuses this heavily on both technique and theory at this level. Whether you are a course director or an open water diver, GUE can offer you the route to safer and more enjoyable diving, whatever your aspirations.

Why not Join us this winter to advance your Skills and diving here in NZ.