Blue Creek resurgence (Reshare 2014)


This is a place that I had set our sights on before coming to NZ. Both in online posts and Quest Journal it appealed due to its remote location and level of technical difficulty. Louise and I have had the chance to dive it over the last two years but you can expect to trade many days of humping gear and lots of effort to have the privilege of interacting with this beautiful dive location!

Jamie Obern has been organising project trips there for the last 8 years and the site has been investigated by  Rick Stanton previously. Currently the Wetmules have been the team to push the furthest and deepest but the cave still will not yield a break through! 

She is cold and deep!  The bypass tunnel used to access the initial cave system drops out at 32m. The temperature is 6 degrees C throughout the dive! It has been explored deeper than 70m and this is more than than I  have managed to access! Getting to 50+ meters in this place is an epic achievement personally, and the Cathedral room was worth all the effort. With marble clad tunnels guiding you down and to a sharp dog leg pinch, ejecting you in a huge crystal clear space is one of my most prominent memories from diving here in NZ!

A diver can run shallower and head up toward a siphon but as yet no one has established any going passage at shallower depths. This is definitely rebreather territory - the percolation in the top of the cathedral room will silt out an open circuit diver in seconds!


It is a huge effort taken on by many individuals to make diving possible in this place. Freezing, altitude, cave diving is not easy to do and it is only because a team of  dedicated individuals that my NZ cave diving dream has become possible! Thanks to all involved over the years. Legends!