Why choose GUE training?

Commonly people ask why choose GUE training over another agency or curriculum? This seems a valid question when you first hear about us. We are a small organization of less than 200 instructors globally and we have an active diver footprint of around 10,000!

It is only when we look beyond simple statistics that we can reveal what makes GUE different. Below is a short list of questions we think are valid when looking at education and educators;

Have you ever failed a SCUBA class?

This sounds strange, why would I want to take a class I might not pass? might be the initial response. The reality is that almost everyone expects to pass a class and the response has been to streamline and soften training and standards. Many people have never failed a class until they come to GUE, many of them instructors!

GUE maintains a small and dedicated instructor core globally who deliver the highest quality training available in today's crowded diving education market. We expect total mastery of core techniques to pass a class and combine solid theoretical and practical tools with feedback to develop a divers core platform. No matter what experience level you are!

In reality most people who don't pass first time end up finding more value in the training and the end result because they have earned it! and not simply fulfilled a skills checklist.

Have you ever had to build and maintain experience in your diving?

Once you passed a class, could you do the next one straight away? In most cases this is true, education is sometimes modeled on a continuing strategy that maintains momentum to keep divers in store. The reality is that often this method does not allow for adequate experience between classes and divers seem to "collect cards" and not increase greatly in skill level.

GUE insists on a minimum of 25 dives at an experience level before you progress on in the curriculum. This ensures that our divers are solid and competent before they progress. Training is fun but remember that the training is there to give you the tools to enjoy underwater experiences. Having more cards makes your wallet crowded and as far as we are aware not a better diver!

Have their been opportunities for you after training other than equipment and dive trips?

We have international projects all around the world! From archeological projects documenting Roman remains in Europe to the mapping of cave systems in the Mexican jungles. Many of these use GUE divers exclusively! We can not only offer diver travel, but experiences with a purpose! Do you want to do more with your skills?


How easy is it to find a buddy you are comfortable with?

This also sounds strange but often you will notice divers have a particular friend who they dive with all the time? This is no bad thing but it has an associated problem. as the individuals progress in experience and skill they become more dependent. What happens when that buddy is not available? or they sadly give up diving? The other partner is left without comfort and once again a lot end up leaving the sport.

GUE's approach is to standardize our training, gear and philosophy so that we qualify at exactly the same level! We can plug in with other divers in other parts of the world and be enjoying the best quality of diving with any other GUE trained diver. Not reliant on one or two people irrespective of certification level.

These are just some of the many benefits of GUE training. There are good instructors all over the word teaching for all kinds of agencies and in all kinds of styles. We are not the only way to do things nor should we be.

GUE just puts it all together and gives divers opportunities they would not have otherwise. We are niche, but sometimes better to be the small fish with more room to grow than the big one that cant!