The classic, SCUBAPRO Jet fin

The original stiff blade fin!


It seems like every photo you see of a GUE diver there is pair of Jet fins on their ankles. Why is this? and why do we love them so much?

Firstly lets see what SCUBAPRO has to say on the matter:

"SCUBAPRO's JET FIN is famous. This distinctive fin design set the standard for power and durability when it was first introduced 50 years ago. Its durable rubber construction and beefy shape can still be seen on dive boats, research vessels and in the world's most remote dive locales. Mention "JET FIN" to virtually anybody who holds a C-card and they'll know exactly what you're talking about.

Featuring a proven vented design that decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke, the JET FIN delivers just the right amount of power and maneuverability for the job at hand. That's why to this day tech divers, deep divers, military divers, commercial divers, dive instructors -- as well as old-school recreational divers -- still strap on their favorite pair of JET FINS before every dive. There are many imitations, but there is only ONE JET FIN."

Lets look at why we as GUE divers may want the fin described above:

Lets face it, we are trying to train from the start in a configuration that will take us anywhere we want to go! We may want to dive deep, in caves and wrecks, in fact a maybe combination of these. We need a fin we can trust with proven reliability and we don't really care about dive manufacturer added features or benefits.

If i'm in the back of a cave or in current trying to get back to my up line, I am going to want to maximize the amount of power I can get from whats attached to my feet! The last thing I want to worry about is the rubber band holding the blade of my fin to the foot pocket, or even worse that I am wearing a blade that has been cut down the middle and made a split! 

fact: A stiff single piece blade will give you more power and precision in the water when trying to engage with key propulsion techniques. We have tried many types of fin in my years of diving but have only imitated the skills I need inefficiently. 

Now I know what some of you may think, Its boring to all have black Jet fins! wheres the originality, the personality? Well for those who need a little more bling in their life JET FINS are now available in a range of colors with rugged stainless-steel spring strap that lasts forever and makes donning and doffing as easy as can be.


Technical Information

  • Rubber construction is known for its durability, promising a lifetime of use.
  • Proven vented design decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke.
  • Comes with adjustable rubber heel strap. Spring heel straps are optional.
  • See fin Size Chart for more details.

Don't accept anything less for your personal diving. Jets are the tried tested and proven tool for explorers and technical divers around the world!