GUE Dive Days


Those who know what we do have probably been to one of our regular GUE Dive days. They happen every month on the first Saturday of the month and usually we head out to the fantastic Poor Knights.


It was obvious when Advanced Diving NZ was founded that there was an opportunity to create a community event alongside Tech Dive NZ and give our expanding community of GUE Trained Divers and outlet to build experience and maintain their diving skills.

This program has run for the last two years and has been really successful, no pressure to come and no money exchanges hands, this has meant divers can come when they want and not have added stress when they can't, the operator can flex around our numbers and we get varied and interesting diving from 0-80m on most days.

Paired with this we created a GUE exploration day also. This quarterly event takes our more experienced members and gives them the opportunity to do more complex or lengthy diving supporting each other as a larger GUE trimix team would. We have the opportunity to dive unknown places and fulfill the exploration side of what we believe as GUE members.


It gives me great pride to see these events going so well! In August teams worked together to solve the minor problems that occur on a day out! Gas gets shared when someone runs low. equipment can be changed between teams to support issues and divers who have never met have the chance to get to know different and interesting people.  GUE has amazing community application and it is great to see it has taken root in NZ and is flourishing.

I look forward to seeing you all in the water soon, our trips are not exclusive so if you want to come and see what the day is all about you would be truly welcome. We in NZ want to show you the best things about what we do and know that there are many different ways it can be done. BCD or Rebreather diver, why not come and enjoy a great community day out with a non profit agenda. Just no deep air or solo diving please, we are team divers.