Divers are useful? Talk to Todd!


Hi Team,

This time we address the underlying issue of what happens to skills when there is nowhere else to go?

So here is the contact… Everywhere we look there are training options. Learn to use a camera, learn to tech dive, learn to be better at buoyancy, get your advanced diving class….


Anyone who reads my site will know that we dedicate to training, but aside from this we try and evolve our aims, engage others of varying experience levels and provide realistic outlets for the training you have worked hard to get.

Last week we were lucky enough to have Todd Kincaid over to “lil” old NZ post OzTek. We packed the house at Sustainable coastlines with 50 plus participants in the worst weather that NZ could throw. This talk was with one aim.. showcase how properly trained divers can contribute to real projects and right here.


The presentation started with an introduction to the “why” of PB;

Then came the stories from a genuine cave explorer and scientist, of watching an environment change and the lessons learned in the process;

And then it was our own Ebi’s turn. PB diver, Auckland council and passionate aquatic advocate. He spoke about the ongoing efforts, research and strategy that was being implemented to try and restore a major fresh water body in Auckland.


Week in week out GUE divers commit to diving in difficult conditions to help gather trust worthy data that can be used for future investigation. These guys go and do this for no reason other than to make our own environment a better place in the long run.

In the process of this research it seems that there has been a proof of concept established. In NZ we are a long way from anywhere and it is often difficult to access projects abroad. A focus of GUE NZ has been to target local initiatives that offer our well trained divers the ability to utilise their skills. This monitoring project offers this! GUEF P1 or GUE T2 we can use you! Take samples and cores, shoot video or support a greater effort, we have it right here….

It makes me incredibly proud to be a part of this effort and I am sure that anyone involved in the project feels that they play a role that is often difficult to access outside of citizen contribution. You are all exceptional and without you we could not have helped contribute to such a level.

To close, there have been many chafing points in getting things moving. Local interest groups often disagree with organisation and priorities. The point well illustrated by Todd & Ebi at the close of our night was that unless we work together we will not be able to apply enough pressure for the result we all want!


Additionally but equally important is that we will be judged as a small population, not only by our marine reserves, but by the impact we can make on our contested and urban areas such as the urban lake of Pupuke. These strong words should unite us and champion efforts, apply pressure and show the will of all NZ peoples to make positive change in our part of the world.

Thank you to; Auckland Council, Sustainable Coastlines, Andrew Davidson, GUE NZ, Project Baseline and many others for showing we can all make an impact in our community! Great job team, lets keep going :)

Russell Hughes