Building a use case - 360 Photogrammetry


Following on from the last post it has been a focus area of mine for a while to see if the 360 camera can be used to create a spherical stitched Photogrammetry image from the footage it takes.

With a wealth of data from the May trip working with CINDAQ to capture cave environments we now had a great balance of Reef, Wreck and Overhead to tinker with.

Click the images to see the footage that these examples were created from……..

I am not going to lie to you and say it is all my work, as ever it takes a team to design, capture and render any image and new idea. Since my return from Mexico my team mates at Boxfish Research have been quietly using the images captured to work on this concept and see if we can bring this idea to life.

Amir our PHD and resident modelling wizard took the footage that has been taken with the rig in different orientations and used each lens to reconstruct and image. From here we can stitch them together!

We have been super impressed with the image quality and the capture on the cameras micro 4/3rd sensors, way better than expected and the ability to easily navigate the rig through complex passage and shoot floor to ceiling data is a huge leap froward in efficiency for most work.

Having discussed the dives and what was useful between us we set about making footage in our normal fashion and paralleled it with the reconstruction. The results are below and I think you will agree, from a single pass the image returns are excellent! Imagine if we ran it through multiple times! Coming soon to a reconstruction near you…….

I really love this rig! Not just because I work with it but because it has so much versatility! Great content and useful reconstruction potential. Awesome outreach and proven field capability make it a no brainer for serious work! I can’t wait to see how we can drive this unit next, It truly is an excellent design, built by divers for divers and more!


If you are keen to check us out or have questions, shoot over to our Sketchfab page or flick me a message.

Jacques Yves Cousteau -“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Russell Hughes