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Advanced Diving NZ aims to provide professional training and quality tools to help you become the diver you want to be!

Whether its exploring cave systems, wrecks or deep trimix diving we have the equipment solutions and training pathways to guide you in the right direction.

We have been all over the globe diving in many world class locations, accessing some of the best diver training available  and passing these lessons on to our customers.


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Training testimonials

He always provides constructive advice and training regimes to get you to where you want to be. Russell’s advice has allowed me to grow and develop as a diver. He is truly the best instructor I have ever had and he has become a great friend
— Ebi Hussein
Russ is a great teacher, he’s very patient and really invests the time in making sure people have the ability to succeed. He cares that everyone has a good experience and that they are successful and safe divers. I’d highly recommend taking one of his classes
— Sam & Vicky Fowler
David and I took this course last Spring, and it improved our diving skill like nothing else! Russell is a fantastic teacher!
— Rachel Mason


Here at Advanced Diving we believe in training in the right way! Not only in accessing the skills you want but being able to utilize them in a global capacity to further your diving ambitions. Our methods are team focused with the aim of equipping you with skills and experience to follow your passion wherever it may lead.


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About r"us"s

Russ is ADSL's main Instructor. With a decade of professional SCUBA instruction under his belt he has the tools to develop even an experienced divers abilities and knowledge above and below the water. He has worked in many different areas of the world from the vibrant reefs of Indonesia and the South Pacific to the highly decorated cave systems of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

Aside from diving education, Russ's career has extended to professional guiding and operations management withing the super yachting industry,  Underwater AR & VR plus project work both in Mexico and New Zealand. He is a committed and motivated Technical diver with a passion for student development, conservation and exploration.